Terms and Conditions


NTB Detailing is a mobile valet and detailing company that comes to your doorstep or workplace. We Provide the best service but have a few terms and conditions to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. We carry out work all year round as come fully equipped with a 3mx4.5m gazebo for shelter from the elements. We do however not work in pay and display car parks.

If your address or location does not have space for the gazebo or meet the needs, please contact us first to discuss a solution.

To secure a booking a deposit is first needed to be taken and paid. The booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been taken. The deposit should be paid directly into NTB Detailing via a bank transfer. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit amount would be £10 for all valeting services and 20% for all paint correction and ceramic coating jobs.

For any reason you need to move the booking or cancel we would need 48hours up front notice otherwise 50% of the cost of the booking would need to be paid in full. If the booking is cancelled in 24hours or on the day the full service would need to be paid in full.

Failure to pay for any reason will result in legal action being taken.

NTB detailing can not control acts of severe weather, traffic or incidents, if NTB Detailing needs to cancel or rearrange your booking due to any unfortunate incident, it will be done within 7 days of the original booking and if not a full refund of the deposit would be refunded.

If your interior is heavily soiled with things such as dirt, pet hair, mould, vomit or blood additional charges will be APPLIED. We do however advise that if you think any of the above heavily soiling applies to you please send a few pictures before placing the booking so that a fair and appropriate price can be discussed. If you are un able to and the vehicle is heavily soiled this can be arranged on the day before any work is under taken.

Whilst placing a booking you will be asked to read these terms and conditions and agree. Any bookings that are made but then affected by any of the terms stated above may result in the full booking charge being payable.

An invoice will be sent to the email that you provide once the booking has been taken.

Thank you,


MD Neil T Bryant